24 delicious foods in Myanmar(Burma)

I rarely hear that “Foods of Myanmar is awesome! “.
But, I think Myanmar has a lot of tasty foods just like Thailand or Vietnam.

So, I’m going to introduce my favorite Myanmar foods.

Burmese Curry

“Burmese curry” is  typically dish style in Myanmar.
Actually, “Burmese curry” is called as “Hin” in Local.

Burmese curry included onion, garic, some spices and oil but basically it is not too spicy.
There are many kind of Burmese curry with meat, fish or prawn.
You can feel the taste of ingredients definitely and so it is very suit to white rice.

Sometimes you may find spicy one with much chilli powder.

Burmese curry is generally served with soup, fresh vegetables, and several side dishes.
Side dishes are also awesome.

1.Beef curry

Beef curry is normally expensive more than other kind of curry.

2.Pork curry

Some venders don’t deliver pork curry.

3.Chicken curry

It is very tender chicken with tomato and oil.
Sometimes you can find a very spicy one.

4.Mutton curry

▲right in picture

That mutton is very delicious and doesn’t have that distinct mutton smell.

5.Fish curry

It is usually used fish with white flesh and tomato.


▼Egg curry

▼Liver curry

Noodle and Rice


Mohinga is the most famous Noodle in Myanmar.
The soup based from river fish and the noodle made from rice are a good pairing.

Some one don’t like it cause of smell of soup but I like it very much.
You have Mohinga with not chopstick but spoon.

8.Ohn-no khao swè

Ohn-no khao swè is Soup Noodle with coconut milk and curry flavor.

This dish is often said a relation with “Khao soy” of Chiang Mai in Thailand but it is not spicy and more mild than “Khao soy” .

9.Shan khao swé(Shan Noodle)

Shan khao swé means Noodle of Shan and called “Shan Noodle” by traveler.
Shan people is known as “foodie” in Myanmar.

It is made with rice noodle, clear soup, minced meat, chopped small green onion  and crushed roasted peanuts.

This noodle is always served with pickled greens.

10.Tofu Nwe(Shan Tofu Noodle)

In Myanmar, Tofu is made from chickpea or pea.

Tofu Nwe(tofu nway/Shan Tofu Noodle) is the dish that “creamy Tofu(what before it sets as tofu)” on the soup noodle.

Tofu Nwe is my best Myanmar food so I want to recommend you strongly.
Tofu and Tofu Nwe are also Shan food.

11.khao swé jaw

khao swé jaw is a fried noodle with so much oil.
The picture’s one is put a plain omelet on the top.

12.Htamin jaw

Htamin jaw is a fried rice of Myanmar.


There are many Indian people in Myanmar and they bring their own culture to here.

14.Side dishes with rice

You can choose several side dishes and the vender serve that with white rice for you.



There are many kind of Chapati in Myanmar.
Some are with chickpea, and others are with egg.


Samosa is fried mash potato flavored curry.

▼Soup style samosa

17.Fried snacks

People of Myanmar really likes deep fried snacks.
Banana, corn and beans are basically things to fry.

▼Beans are awesome

▼A donut with sweet sauce

▼A stand selling snacks in downtown Yangon.

18.Lahpet thohk(Pickled tea salad)

Lahpet thohk is known as “Tea to eat” and called “Pickled tea salad”.

It is salad that pickled tea leaf with some kind of beans, nuts, green cabbage and chilli.

▼Rice salad with pickled tea

19.Wet Tha Dote Htoe

Wet Tha Dote Htoe is “Pork on Stick”.

They are boiled organs of the pig on stick.
There are many stands in downtown or bus terminal.
The price for a stick is about 100kyat($0.08).

I want to say to you that you should buy a beer in shop and bring to stand yourself. It is completely suit to beer.


There are many restaurant on 19th street in China town in Yangon.
You can eat BBQ meat, seafood and vegetables with beer.

That’s why, the street is called “BBQ street”.

21.Tofu jaw(Fried Tofu)

Fried tofu with chili sauce is very good.


22.Beer of Myanmar

You can drink some good beer in Myanmar.

Mandalay Beer is the oldest beer in Myanmar.
They deliver Lager and  Ale.

MYANMAR BEER is the most famous beer.
They deliver normal and Premium.

DAGON is cheaper than Mandalay and MYANMAR.
Taste is a bit thin but not so bad.

23.Myanmar Coffee

Some place produce a coffee and they are known as Shan coffee.
Pyin oo Lwin(Maymyo) is one of the famous place to produce a coffee.


24. Laphet yay(Milk Tea)

Laphet yay is like a Chai of India but without any spice.
The black tea mixed with evaporated milk and condensed milk.